Swedish Films

Swedish Films

The films from Sweden have highlighted the wisdom and knowledge from young and old. Mr. Emerich Roth tells us the story of his childhood and the factors that lead to radicalization in the 1920s in his village before the Holocaust. He also explains why he today still chooses to lecture for school children against extremism. In other films, we meet the other end of the spectrum where a former right-wing extremist explains how he became a target of radicalization.

The films also focus on the creation of a music video by the group Khumalo and a short film that discloses how young people are potential victims of radicalization both at school and in sports.  The last music video by Cecilia Gärding was made to honor the victims of terrorism and remind the viewers that we are merely one mutual friend away from becoming friends. The last film speaks of the commitment of young people from Umeå, Sweden to stop racism in their school and how we can create a more tolerant society. 

My name is Emerich Roth

In a revealing tale of his past, Emerich explains how child abuse was a trigger for many young boys towards anti-Semitic views. He tells the story of how he remembers how the villagers passively looked on while he and his family were forced onto a train to Auschwitz. He explains the harshness of surviving a concentration camp and how he found a refuge in Sweden and later became the most sought-after lecturer about the Holocaust in Swedish history, educating a new generation of students on tolerance.

There is room for all of us

A former right-wing extremist tells the story of his childhood and how he was abused at home. He later became bullied in school until he could fight back and became a neo-Nazi. He changed his ways after he had to leave his abusive girlfriend who also was a right-wing extremist. Today he lectures about his life and how he got out of radicalised groups.

Youth from Umeå, Sweden

Four young people from the city of Umeå, speak about their role-models and future career dreams. They also give us a chance to see how young people wish we would tackle racism and extremism.

Game of life: Sweden

Eurotopia is proud to present a joint collaboration of creating a film together. Two youths with different ethnic backgrounds, from Sweden and Italy, are having problems at home where their parents are not supporting them. At the same time, they are fighting to become soccer players but both are losing the game and are faced with recruiters from both right-wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism. In the film, the recruiters take on the same postures as the parents, in whose home substance abuse is portrayed, to explain that even non-supportive acts inside the family home or a very strict family, trigger youth to turn towards radicalisation.

Spread your wings! 

A music video with a song created by Khumalo that addresses how young people are recruited in school into extremist groups and where the song wants to focus on the fact that young people should focus on their dreams and goals and not let others steal it from them.

I honor you

A music video by Cecilia Gärding that commemorates the victims of terrorist attacks in Europe.  

A trailer for all the films

This trailer will be done by the end of April 2021.