Italian Films

Italian Films

The Italian films introduce people that are soccer coaches, police officers, chefs and actors making a difference in their local communities in Rome. These films highlight the commitment of people to work for positive change in the society by solidarity, teamwork and through the importance of conveying the right message. They all encompass the importance of working together as a team where everybody is invited and included. Mirko Frezza, the Italian actor, shows the viewers his sense of solidarity caring for youth, immigrants and the elderly in the suburb of Tor Sapienza.

The soccer coaches, Valerio Costa and Robert Ayward, believe in sports as a means to engage the youth in positive activities that keep them away from drugs and crime.  The film Game of life- filmed both in Sweden and in Italy is a joint collaboration to show that radicalization in sports happens in the same way across Europe. Maria de Sousa shows us that you can as an immigrant in a country make a very positive impact in film, fashion and by the written word to highlight the importance of human rights for all. Finally, the last film speaks of the youth and their resilience to work for a better society, and for politics that care for human rights, the animals and the environment.

Youth from Rome, Italy

Three children from Rome talk about their views and thoughts about how we can work against racism and extremism. They highlight the importance of caring for animals, the planet and for a political spectrum that honors diversity and human rights.

Game of life: Italy

Eurotopia is proud to present a joint collaboration of creating a film together. Two youth with different ethnic backgrounds, from Sweden and from Italy, are having problems at home where their parents are not supporting them. At the same time, they are fighting to become soccer-players but both are losing the game and are faced with recruiters from both the right-wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism.

In the film, the recruiters towards right wing extremism, take on the same postures as the parents, in whose home substance abuse is portrayed, to explain that even non-supportive acts inside the family home or a very strict family upbringing, trigger youth to turn towards radicalization.

This film will hopefully be presented for soccer games in 2021.

Mirko Frezza´s sense of solidarity

The famous actor from Rome explains how he transformed his life and now is a philanthropist doing social work in his neighborhood Tor Sapienza. He shows his work with the elderly, migrants and Roma people. He also addresses why he believes young people get involved in extremist organisations.

All for one, one for all!

As a colleague of Mirko Frezza, Valerio Costa works with non-profit work to aid youth, migrants and the elderly. As a soccer coach he talks about the importance of the sport to keep youth away from drugs, crime and extremism.

I can make the difference!

The Afro-Portugese actress Maria de Sousa, talks about her experiences living in Rome as a black woman and how she fights against stereotypes by using cultural tools such as film, fashion and her own magazine Allwomen Magazine.

We need to help young people!

Luigi, the former police officer, speaks of his experiences of criminals with extremist views and what he believes is needed to change.

Believe in yourself!

Roben, the chef from the suburb Tor Sapienza in Rome, speaks of his experiences of growing up as the only Muslim in school. He also addresses why he believes young people get involved in extremist organizations and warns that youth are being used as puppets.