We are living in a Greek tragedy

Extremism affects us all

  • In the form of lost sons, daughters and siblings to radicalized milieus.
  • In the form of innocent, affected people, injured and murdered citizens.
  • In the form of heroes who daily resist and hinder radicalization.
  • In the form of children who understand that the world is dangerous
    but at the same time dream of a better future.

Created by Thomas de Limbourg at Duckmotion and Cecilia Gärding.

Music by Cecilia Gärding and Mani Ajami. 

Partners and Funding

This project is an initiative by Muzicadelic Entertainment in partnership with Duck Motion in Belgium and Zebra X Pictures in Italy. The initiative has been granted financial support by the European Commission; Civil Society Empowerment Programme, Internal Security
Fund; Police Action Grant during 2019-2020.

Lets start living in harmony

This project aims to produce 21 short films to capture how different people are affected by the rise of right wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.

The purpose is to create further understanding on how we can counteract recruitment, humanize victims and children, and also emphasize the important work role models against extremism are doing daily.

We will also create a call-to-action campaign to engage youth in describing how we can live in a safer and better Europe for all.