Greek Gods


The boy who burnt his wings as he flew too close to the sun.

To go from hating to starting a new life

Why do young people enter into extremist circles and how do they withdraw from them?

The short films will scrutinize the more human side of the choice to become extremist. It will involve areas like destructive family situations, petty crime perpetrators and feelings of social ostracism. These things as well as religious and ideological convictions are factors that scientifically have been proven to be origins of developing a violent extremist frame of mind.

The aim is to eradicate the “hero status” that extremists like to portray to their supporters.


The godess of grief

To live with grief and take the first step back to life

How do people, closely connected to victims of terrorist attacks, or are subjected to hatecrime, deal with their grief?

The aim of these short films is to rehumanize the victims by telling their stories.

When interviewing people close to lost family members, we want to emphasize the loss of not ever get to see the person in question get married, have a university degree etc. In interviewing victims of hate crime we want to emphasize how the experience has limited life but also hopes for a better future.


The Goddess of war and of wisdom, the protectress of heroes

To see a problem and make up one's mind to take responsibility

What makes some of us work daily against extremism?

The aim is to bring out the people among us who daily expose themselves to threats due to their unwavering, burning commitment against ISIS, Nazism and similar organizations and ideologies.

Here we want to bring out the personal reasons that have led to this choice. We will for example also interview Holocaust survivors as well as rolemodels in suburbs, working against ISIS.


The God of dreams

To dream of a better future

What visions do children have for a better Europe and for their future?

The aim of these short films is also to humanize children who often are indirect victims of terrorism by what they may watch on the news about what is going on the world.

We want to pay attention to the visions of children for a better world and a secure future for themselves. By doing this we also want to remind each and everyone that it is the next generation (our children) that will inherit this tragedy that is occurring among us, unless we adults act against it.